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Feature Follow #1

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Meme
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Increase Blog Followers


This is my first ever Feature Follow.  I just started book blogging officially yesterday.  I can hardly wait to meet and make some new blogging pals.


This weeks question is:

Have you ever convinced someone to read a book, a series, or a whole genre? What book(s) and who was it? Did they like it?

I have convinced someone to read more than a few series actually.  I have a co-worker who is a big reader like I am and I have successfully convinced her to read the following series: The Black Dagger Brotherhood, The Elemental Assassin, His Fair Assassin, The Lunar Chronicles, The Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments and several more and her list keeps growing.  As far as I know there really hasn’t been a series that she hasn’t enjoyed so far.




Question Visual Again


Q: What tends to be the deciding factor when choosing your next great read?

A. I’m usually a mood reader.  I have been known to sit in front of my bookcase(s) for considerable lengths of time debating what I’m going to read next.  If I’m in the mood for an ebook it could be a lengthy process as well.  I have both a Nook Tablet and a Kindle Fire and have been known to go through the libraries on both a couple of times before I actually decide on a book.  The one thing that I have noticed is that I absolutely have a bugger of a time getting through an audio book.  I downloaded one onto my Kindle shortly after Santa brought it to me and I’m still working on it  So any book I read has to be either bound or an e-book.


What about you?  What are your deciding factors when choosing your next great read?